You say it. But they don’t get it.

So you repeat it again, hoping that this time it will register.

And it still doesn’t.

It is frustrating in and of itself.

But it’s also one of the single greatest impediments to effective leadership.

Because if they don’t get it, they will not respond.

And response is essential to leadership. It’s the defining characteristic of leadership communication. And it’s what makes it distinct from any other communication.

Most people assume that if they’re speaking, they’re communicating. And believe me, they’re not. Speaking is merely transmitting. You’re just sending words out.

It’s only when those words are received that you are actually communicating. Basic communication is two-way: it takes both transmitting and receiving.

It takes even more as a leader though: transmitting, receiving and responding.

It’s the response that determines whether or not your leadership initiatives advance, or whether they (and you) falter and fade.

So how do you ensure they think and act in the precise ways that help you fulfil what matters to your leadership?

You have to make it matter to them too.

There’s a lot that goes into that. It’s the “Amplify” portion of the Illumify Method. Imparting it to my clients takes hours of teaching and counsel.

But start with this.

Next time you speak about something significant to your leadership, ask yourself:

Will they get it enough to help me realize it?

And if you’re not sure, go back to the drawing board and find other words.

It’s well worth the effort.

Because your leadership impact actually depends on it.