Big titles carry big responsibilities for invoking change. Yet time after time, important new initiatives fail to fully ignite.

Did you ever wonder why? 

Could it be that those you rely on to adopt and implement the change just don't get its value and importance the way you do? Or that they're not clear on exactly what they are meant to do to realize that change? 

Whatever the reason, they're just not fully vested in it. So initiatives fail, opportunities are lost, and visions of meaningful change languish and fade. To be blunt, it's a serious failure of leadership.

It doesn't have to be.

We’ve distilled leadership to its essence, and created a fail-proof system that empowers you to embody it in what you say and do. Deliberately, easily and efficiently, with no added burden of time or effort.

The Illumifier® Program is founded on our internationally award-winning expertise on expressing leadership. Evidence-based with quantifiably measured results, our Illumify system is proven to transform leaders into Illumifiers, able to express and ignite change. 

So you can ignite what matters to you.

Ignite what matters.

the illumifier program for executive leaders


The Illumifier Program empowers individuals to achieve the highest level of leadership:

The ability to ignite meaningful change.  

Leadership demands a lot more than a big title.

The Illumifier Program Brochure

The Illumifier Program is self-paced to accommodate demanding schedules. The learning, coaching and counsel is applied directly to your leadership opportunities in real time, with no added burden of time or effort. Here's a brief discription of the Illumifier Program's key elements:


the illumifier program
for executive leaders

The unique evidence-based program that empowers executive leaders to ignite their leadership, and fulfil their promise and potential.

The Illumifier Program

customized learning

The action-based learning of the Illumifier Program is customized according to the specific results and recommendations of the executive leader's Illumify Diagnostics. All leadership principles and practices
are applied directly to the leader's specific change initiatives, and other important leadership issues.

The Illumify Method

llumify's proven three-part formula for igniting meaningful change: To Illuminate the change that matters most to you; Amplify to express why it also matters to those who can help invoke it; and Unify to be aligned in thought and action as a collective to ignite your meaningful change.

Each of the three parts is robust and transformative. Together they comprise our unique, evidence-based and internationally-award-winning body of knowledge on expressing leadership.

illumify diagnostic

Expert coaching and real-time strategic counsel on upcoming leadership challenges and opportunities to ensure optimal outcomes.

executive coaching & counsel

Our Illumify Diagnostic measures the effectiveness of the leader's verbal communication (e.g., meeting conversation, town hall, presentation, etc.) on the 150 elements essential to expressing the leadership that ignites change.

The Diagnostic is completed initially to identify the executive leader's current level of capability; periodically to gauge the incremental increase; and upon completion to ensure they're able to fully integrate the principles and practices, and to quantify their greater level of ability to express impactful leadership .

are you ready to fulfil
your leadership promise and potential?

The                   Program          










You sound distinct from the “same old, same old” leadership rhetoric that causes others to habitually tune out. 

You connect both minds AND hearts.

You are recognized as an extraordinary leader with renown for igniting meaningful change, aka an “Illumifier”.

You know what you don’t know yet about expressing leadership so you can use it to your full advantage at every opportunity.

You're certain that every time you speak — whether in meetings, town halls or any other forum – others listen, understand and respond in the ways that advance and accelerate your leadership initiatives.



Here's why the illumifier program empowers you to ignite meaningful change


are you ready to fulfil
your leadership promise and potential?

Both. We're based in Toronto, and have always worked virtually with executive leaders across the globe.

do you work virtually, or in person?

It's designed for those with many demands on their time so its duration depends entirely on the executive leader. Generally, it's takes a year because of executives' schedules but it can be completed within 6 months with bi-monthly sessions. For our part, the program ends when our Illumify Diagnostic confirms quantitatively in their Overall Score that they now excel at expressing leadership.

How long does it take to complete the illumifier program?

Both. This is not presentation skills. It focuses instead on what the leader says and how by employing essential leadership constructs, principles and practices. However, if our Diagnostic reveals there are delivery issues impeding the leader's ability to be heard, we coach until they're resolved.

Does "expressing Leadership" mean content or delivery?

Absolutely. We either deliver the program to individual executive team members one-on-one, or we run our Diagnostic on the members individually while imparting the learning to the entire team as a group.

Can you work with an entire leadership team?

Every element of this program is founded on our unique, evidence-based, and internationally-award-winning body of knowledge on expressing leadership. You won't find it anywhere else. We have, however, priced it similar to other executive coaching programs.

How does this differ from other executive coaching programs?

Any executive leader whose role requires them to challenge the status quo and ignite change. We work with CEOs, Presidents, and other C-suite executives, as well as SVPs and VPs.

Who is the ideal candidate for The Illumifier program?


the illumifier program


Ann Bowman
Vice Chair
RBC wealth management
Royal bank of Canada

The Illumifier Program was
 the most valuable learning
since I completed
my MBA program.