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Do you have the power to 
ignite meaningful change?

The answer is yes.

As an expert in high-stakes communication, Marianne Gobeil has attended many speeches. Throughout her career, she recognized how many leaders struggle to both communicate a clear vision and galvanize tangible action around that vision. So she embarked on a quest to master the principles of genuinely transformative leadership.

Having developed the most intensive diagnostic for leadership communication in existence, Marianne trains and counsels leaders at all stages to reveal the change they want to see in the world and identify the words & actions that will bring it to fruition. She shares her proven knowledge one-on-one and in groups, and now she’s on a mission to spread her message further.

Marianne’s game-changing speeches are empowering people to identify the change that matters to them and evoke the leadership essential to realizing it. She’s spent years coaching some of the world’s most impactful speakers, and now she’s one of them.

Marianne’s vision is to help you realize yours.

Ignite: Speech One

Ignite the Courage to Change

Motivating people to make real transformative progress is easier said than done. Change can be new, unfamiliar, and not yet proven to be any better than what exists now. It could even be worse.

And that can be cause for fear and concern; enough to stop change dead in its tracks. This explains why an estimated 70% of significant change initiatives in organizations fail. If we feel any concern or fear about a change, we waver and resist, even when the case for change makes perfect sense.

So where do you find that courage? 
It comes from our hearts, not our heads.

Whether the change involves just you or a host of others, it takes courage to calm our fears and concerns about letting go of what we know, in exchange for what we don’t. Courage is essential to challenging the status quo and igniting significant change.

In this speech, Marianne gets to the heart of why we need courage to change, and how we can ignite it within ourselves and others. She identifies what courage ultimately hinges on, and how it shifts in levels and degrees. She then reveals a 3-step proven process for summoning the courage to create meaningful change.

“Marianne Gobeil, well-known as a dynamic thought leader, shares her deep insight into what true leadership really looks like. She takes complacency right out of the equation and invokes leaders to challenge the status quo when it doesn’t reflect what they envision.  Marianne is an advocate of adopting deep lasting formative change that will have a significant impact on the world. Let’s just say she thinks big! I highly recommend her for your next leadership event or conference.”

Cathleen Fillmore
Speakers Gold Bureau

A speech that will change your life

Within you is something significant. Something unique. Something powerful. Marianne will teach you how to connect with that significance and use it to change your world, and the world at large, in meaningful ways.