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There’s a path to becoming a 
more impactful leader and 
Illumify lights the way.

Begin with the Illumifier® Diagnostic

The first step to strengthening your leadership impact is to reveal your weaknesses because they represent your greatest opportunities for growth.

The Illumifier Diagnostic assesses 150 essentials of effective leadership to calculate what a leader excels at, where they need additional knowledge or skill, and what is impeding their ability to engage and mobilize others.

Learn the 
Illumify® Method

Illuminate. Amplify. Unify. Our evidence- 
based body of research enables you to 
develop skilled knowledge you can apply 
directly to your real leadership 

Leadership • Leadership Emergence • Positional & Personal Authority • Engagement • Technology • Trust • Dialogue • Connection • Language • Declarations • Resonance • Strategic Communication • Outcomes • Key Messages • Storytelling • Assertions • Curation • Action • Alignment

“This was the most valuable learning since I completed my MBA program many years ago.” 

Ann Bowman, Vice Chair, RBC Wealth Management, Royal Bank of Canada

“Shortly after becoming the CEO, we had to develop our next five-year business strategy. The foundation of that strategy was the building of a new collaborative and inclusive culture we called ‘OneAchēv’. A committee of senior staff was formed to define and build a plan that would bring OneAchēv to life within the organization. But gaining clarity was proving difficult. Several months later in speaking with Marianne about her Illumify Game Changer, I knew it could help advance us. And it did, although I had no idea of the tremendous impact it would have on both the OneAchēv initiative and all the committee members who participated. As they answered each question in the series of Game Changer conversations, it was wonderful to see each of them stepping up and claiming their voice. A new confidence emerged both in themselves and Achēv. I saw it and heard it. Our relationship changed, as did how we all work together. As they transformed so did the OneAchēv initiative so clearly and powerfully that it was soon ready to launch. Playing the Illumify Game Changer was, hands down, a “win, win, win.”” 

Tonie Chaltas, Chief Executive Officer, Achēv

Get expert counsel

Marianne Gobeil’s expertise as a trusted senior communication adviser infuses the entire Illumify experience.

She provides strategic counsel on your communication of an upcoming leadership challenge or opportunity, either privately, one on-one or within a group of leaders. She oversees all feedback and reporting provided throughout the Illumify experience so that everyone who experiences Illumify benefits from her uniquely expert strategic counsel.

Illumify for Executives

Illumify for Executives is tailored for those at the top of their field, who have 
little bandwidth for anything that doesn’t significantly impact their growth. 
Marianne works with executives one-on-one to reveal transformative insights 
about their leadership communication capability and provides strategic counsel 
for applying these insights to their real-time leadership opportunities.

Package Format: Privately, one-on-one; 6-12 month duration.

Illumifier Diagnostic

Completed initially and repeatedly throughout


Customized learning as well as access to online modules

The Game Changer

Cards are facilitated privately as well as within the Illumify app

Executive Coaching

To build greater leadership communication capability


On upcoming leadership opportunities in real-time

Marianne helps leaders clarify their leadership agenda. She helps them round up their vision, making it more compelling by expressing this vision in more intangible ways. Once the vision is defined, Marianne pursues her work by helping leaders communicate their vision in an impactful way that compels key contributors to take action and deliver on their part of the vision.” 

Véronique Dorval, Senior Vice President, Chief Client Experience Officer, Sun Life Financial

Illumify for Leaders

Illumify for Leaders is tailored for those on their way to achieving their leadership 
aspirations, and who value every opportunity to deepen their impact. This option 
provides a blend of individual and peer-learning, making it ideal to expand the 
leadership capability of any mid-level leader or leadership team within an organization.

Package Format: Cohort of 6-8 leaders; 9-month duration.

Illumifier Diagnostic

Completed at three intervals (pre, midway, post)


Online modules plus weekly facilitated cohorts

The Game Changer

Cards facilitated in biweekly conversations within cohorts plus the Illumify app with individual feedback


Individual and peer-based within cohorts


Individual and peer-based within cohorts

“I had just left the oil & gas industry, and was stressed and confused about what to do next.  Illumify transformed me. It gave me the clarity to create a game-changing new company,  and it’s all thanks to the burst that emerged from Illumify.”

Luaba Kalonji, Managing Partner, Gloriosa Energy Solutions

Illumify Select

Illumify Select is tailored to any leader or emerging leader who wants to benefit from 
the unique Illumify experience and its transformational impact in self-paced 
progression. Complete the sequence of steps as your schedule and professional
development budget permit.

Step 1:
Illumifier Diagnostic

Available in the full or snapshot version

Step 2:
Skilled Knowledge

Amplify Your Leadership Master Class live, virtually or in person plus online modules

Optional Step 3:
Illumifier Diagnostic #2

Quantifies how gained knowledge has impacted your leadership capability. Full or snapshot version

Optional Step 4:
Strategic Counsel

Receive guidance on applying skilled knowledge to opportunities

Apply to Play: The Game Changer

Upon completion of Steps 1 & 2, participants can apply to receive an invitation to play the game

Ignite meaningful change

Discover what it takes to deepen your leadership impact.