Many years ago, I was standing outside the Stanley Park Tea House in Vancouver debating with a friend whether we should head into brunch or continue our walk around the sea wall. It was a glorious sunny day, and the beach was beckoning.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned, and a man I didn’t know was standing there. He startled me for a second, as my brain scanned whether or not he was a threat. And then he spoke. Although he was mere inches from my face, I don’t remember what he looked like, not even whether he was young, middle aged or old. But I do remember what he said.

“You have much more to give in this life.”

And then he walked away, and disappeared down the trail.

It was over in a flash. But all these many years later, I remember it still. And that’s pretty remarkable. I see now that it was a prompt to be, and do, more.

If you scan back over your own life, perhaps you’ve had a prompt too. Maybe it was a feeling you had. Or perhaps a message, spoken or unspoken, inside yourself or delivered by another.

Either way, you can choose to ignore it.

But if you feel compelled to listen, it can mark the beginning of a remarkable journey. One that can lead to fulfilling your true purpose for being here. Your raison d’être.

And from my own experience, I can assure you it’s not too late. It’s a journey of discovery that leads you back to who you really are, and why you’re here. It will be the most meaningful journey you’ve ever taken because it is fundamental to who you be.

I feel like I’ve only just begun to fulfill my raison d’être of helping others ignite meaningful change. And it’s been illuminating because what I see clearly now is that to do what truly matters to you, you must fully be.

And if you’re willing, I am here for you.