Experience a taste of Illumify.

$85.00 CAD

This is a special opportunity to experience what it is to “illumify“, and why we call it the Game Changer. It enables you to transform inside and out to ignite what is most meaningful to you. It’s the gift of discovering your true promise and potential. And being able to fulfil it.

By registering for one of these three small groups, you’ll engage in a conversation related to the Illuminate portion of The Illumify Game Changer, and begin to surface what truly matters to you. Each group is limited to 6 players to ensure you each have an optimal opportunity to engage in this unique process of discovery.

Discover more about The Illumify Game Changer here: https://illumifyinc.com/onpurpose/


Given all that you could yet be and do in this life, what would be most meaningful to you? What if you could know for sure, and be able to ignite it? The Illumify Game Changer is a unique collection of cards containing powerful questions that helps you see what really matters to you, and be able to realize it. Masterfully facilitated, the questions evoke deeply meaningful conversations through which you gain invaluable insights, understanding, and the ability to ignite.

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A Taste of Illumify

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022, Thursday, July 21st, 2022, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Privacy Policy

Illumify and its representatives respect the right to privacy. All information shared in any part of our Illumify programs, whether in a group or privately, is held in strict confidence. Your personal information is never sold, traded or given away.


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