The Illumifier® Diagnostic

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The Illumifier Diagnostic is the first step in strengthening your ability to express highly effective leadership. This unique internationally award-winning diagnostic assesses your communication on over 150 elements essential to achieving the highest caliber of leadership that’s capable of igniting significant change.


The Illumifier® is both a quantative and qualitative assessment tool that reveals your current ability to express the leadership that ignites change. This unique and comprehensive diagnostic determines how effectively you evoke the words and actions that engage and mobilize those who can help you realize your change initiative.

It is evidence-based, founded on our internationally award-winning body of knowledge on leadership communication.

The Illumifier measures more than 150 attributes essential to communicating highly effective leadership.

It is quantitative; it determines both your overall score of effectiveness as well as your effectiveness on each individual attribute, identifying precisely where you currently excel and exactly where you need additional knowledge or skill.

It is also qualitative; it identifies your key messages so you know whether or not what you intended to say is actually heard. It also reveals if you are using language in the way that enables others to hear leadership.

You’ll know with absolute certainty how effectively you now express leadership.

The Illumifier can assess any oral communication, e.g.,  a meeting conversation, a town hall, a presentation, a speech, or a media interview. The communication can vary in length from  5 minutes long to 60 minutes.  Others can speak within the communication but it’s essential that it be you leading or managing it. We recommend you choose either a communication typical of your leadership role, or one that is exceptional, perhaps even high stakes. Ideally, the communication should be fairly current.

You can choose between two versions of our Illumifier Diagnostic:  Full or Snapshot.

With the Full version, you receive a comprehensive report detailing your Overall Score, Greatest  Strengths, Potential Strengths and Areas to Strengthen, plus custom Recommendations based on your findings that convey precisely what to do to strengthen your leadership communication. In a one-hour conversation, which you may choose to record, we walk you through the comprehensive Illumifier report to explain its findings and recommendations and answer questions you may have.

The Snapshot version provides a top line summary report of key findings, including Overall Score and select Greatest Strengths, Potential Strengths and Areas to Strengthen. You receive an e-version of the summary report.

Upon purchasing this diagnostic, you will be sent directions on how to upload one of your current communications in which you speak as a leader.

If you have any questions or would like counsel on which communication to submit, please contact us at

Privacy Policy

Illumify and its representatives respect the right to privacy. All information shared in any part of our Illumify offers, whether in a group or privately, is held in strict confidence. Only you will determine whether anyone else will see the report detailing the results of your Illumifier Diagnostic. Your personal information is never sold, traded or given away.

Cancellation Policy

Illumify reserves the right to cancel a purchase of any Illumify offer at any time. If Illumify cancels a purchase, you will be given the option of an alternative or a full refund. 

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