• This is a special opportunity to experience what it is to "illumify", and why we call it the Game Changer. It enables you to transform inside and out to ignite what is most meaningful to you. It’s the gift of discovering your true promise and potential. And being able to fulfil it. By registering for one of these three small groups, you'll engage in a conversation related to the Illuminate portion of The Illumify Game Changer, and begin to surface what truly matters to you. Each group is limited to 6 players to ensure you each have an optimal opportunity to engage in this unique process of discovery. Discover more about The Illumify Game Changer here: https://illumifyinc.com/onpurpose/
  • Illuminate, the first level of The Illumify Game Changer.

    The seven week experience that enables you to know with certainty the meaningful change you're here to ignite.

    The options listed here are for groups of our creation that are open to all.  If you would prefer to create your own group, or if these dates don't work for you, please contact us at hello@illumifyinc.com.


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