ignite what is meaningful

The Illumify Game Changer

Guiding you with care and compassion through big questions in the spirit of surfacing the meaningful change you’re here to ignite.

And enabling you to achieve what could even be your very reason for being.

The Illumify Game Changer

If you could ignite what is meaningful to you

A profound experience in which you answer the powerful Illumify questions that elicit your insights and understanding on what truly matters to you, and enable you to realize it.

What if

what is most meaningful to you could be your very reason for being?

If you knew

exactly what that is, and precisely how to achieve it, would that be a game changer?

The Illumify Game Changer is comprised of three levels of play: 1) Illuminate; 2) Amplify; and 3) Unify, played in sequence to complete the Illumify formula for igniting meaningful change.

Each level of the Illumify Game Changer consists of 7 virtual group and private sessions delivered weekly. Masterfully facilitated, every session is confidential, fostering the openness, trust, care and compassion essential to meaningful conversation and heart-to-heart connection.

The Illumify Game Changer can be experienced privately on your own, or within a small group of your creation or ours.

Here’s how you play:

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You are unique. And so therefore is your Illuminate experience. Whether you play solo or with a group, the Illuminate experience is a bespoke one, custom tailored to you. It surfaces what truly matters to you. It may be something as distinct as you are, or it may be common to a entire collective. It could even be your very reason for being here.

My experience in The Illumify Game Changer was quite profound. This isn’t about learning a few nifty techniques and applying someone else’s wisdom to your situation. The Illumify Game Changer helped to shine a light on the gifts and unique perspectives that were already within me, but that I couldn’t quite perceive or articulate before clearly.

Marianne and Katherine facilitated these discussions with exquisite listening, appreciation, and insight. I appreciated their willingness to help me mine for gold, even when I thought there was nothing left to unearth.

I now feel more clear in my purpose as well as my value proposition to my clients. As a result, my business continues to expand and be informed by the roadmaps created through the Illumify process.

If you’re ready to rethink, realign, and reinvigorate your life in any way, I highly recommend this program!

Carolyn Ellis, Founder, Visual Facilitator, Leadership Trainer at Brilliance Mastery, author of Lead Conversations that Count