Illumify Game Changer


This Illumify Game Changer is delivered personally and privately, one-on-one, by Marianne Gobeil, and applied directly to the communication of your leadership initiatives in real time, without any added burden on your valuable time.


  • Illumify Diagnostic

    Our Illumify Diagnostic measures the effectiveness of the leader’s verbal communication (e.g., meeting conversation, town hall, presentation, etc.) on the 150 elements essential to expressing the leadership that ignites change.
    The Diagnostic is completed initially to identify the executive leader’s current level of capability; periodically to gauge the incremental increase; and upon completion to ensure they’re able to fully integrate the principles and practices, and to quantify their greater level of ability to express impactful leadership.
  • The Illumify Method

    Illumify’s proven three-part robust and transformative formula for igniting meaningful change: To Illuminate the change that matters most to you; Amplify to express why it also matters to those who can help invoke it; and Unify to be aligned in thought and action as a collective to ignite your meaningful change.
    The action-based learning of the Illumify Game Changer for Executives is customized according to the specific results and recommendations of each of the executive leader’s Illumify Diagnostics. All leadership principles and practices are applied directly to the leader’s specific change initiatives, and other important leadership issues.
  • Illumifying Conversations

    Selectively as needed to ensure the leader’s own absolute clarity on vision and leadership initiatives before expressing them to others.
  • Executive Coaching

    Coaching to build high capability at illumifying and delivering communications that achieve optimal leadership impact and influence.
  • Strategic Communication Counsel

    Expert professional counsel to ensure that each communication fulfils its strategic purpose and advances the change essential to realizing the leader’s initiative.


This was the most valuable learning since I completed my MBA program many years ago. If you’re ready to rethink, realign and reinvigorate your life in any way, I highly recommend Illumify.

Ann Bowman, Vice Chair, RBC Wealth Management, Royal Bank of Canada

The Illumify Game Changer empowers you

to illuminate, amplify and unify

so your change ignites —

and your leadership impact soars.


The Illumify Game Changer empowers you to illuminate, amplify and unify so your change ignites — and your leadership impact soars.