You’re got an important communication to deliver soon.

But before you do, here’s a critical question for you:

Is this about just sharing information with them?

Because if it is, you’re doing your leadership a huge disservice. And it will cost you.

As a leader, your communication should be about a lot more than just sharing information.

It’s about optimizing the opportunity to engage and mobilize them so that together you achieve the leadership initiative that matters most right now.

You won’t do that by merely “sharing information”. No matter how compelling the data may seem to be.

There’s a higher bar to leadership communication than other types of communication.

It’s not “same old, same old” – likely the way you learned to present climbing the ladder, and which most around you still do.

Yes, you have to say the words. And yes, those words have to be received.

That’s basic 2-way communication.

But that’s just table stakes for leaders. That won’t advance the change that is your leadership initiative. You have to do even more.

The key distinction between other communication and yours is that a leader’s communication has to drive a response.

It’s not enough for them to listen, and even hear you. You need them to think and act in the ways that fulfil your leadership purpose.

Unless you communicate in the way that does it, you simply won’t achieve what you intend. You’ll sound “same old, same old”, like everyone else. And they’ll tune out.

If that’s not good enough for you, then change how you communicate.

Start with this. Ask yourself:

What is the strategic purpose of this communication? What do I want them to think and/or do as a result of what I say?

As the great David Thoreau once said, “You can only hit what you aim at.”

So be sure to aim right.