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I created the Illumifier Blog as a forum in which to share insights, observations and reflections to support those who are here to ignite meaningful change. Illumifiers, I am here for you.


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Prompted to Be More

April 8, 2021

Many years ago, I was standing outside the Stanley Park Tea House in Vancouver debating with a friend whether we should head into brunch or continue our walk around the sea wall. It was a glorious sunny day, and the beach was beckoning. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned, and […]

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Where do you go from here?

March 24, 2021

Eighteen months ago, I asked an executive client what keeps him up at night. “Disruption,” he said emphatically. And then, without a second’s pause, he added, “The need to disrupt ourselves before our competition does.” I wonder how well he’s sleeping these days now that disruption is the prevailing state. When even the simplest order […]

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Horrendous Came Bearing Gifts

March 17, 2021

A dear friend sent me a beautiful card recently in which she wished me well “especially after the horrendous year you’ve had.” Horrendous? “What does she mean?”, I thought. “Why does she think my year was horrendous?” And then it hit me. It’s because I had covid. And yes, at times it was rather horrendous. […]

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