Everyone is talking, 
but is anyone responding?

When you work in crisis communication for over a decade, you understand the consequences of leaders saying the wrong thing, and the power of saying the right thing. Drawing on 30 years of professional communication experience, Marianne Gobeil is a trusted senior advisor to some of the world’s top corporate and political leaders.

Throughout her career, Marianne has attended many speeches. She’s observed executives, founders, and politicians convey their message to a crowd, and then observed those crowds getting distracted, checking their phones, and tuning out. She recognized how many leaders struggle to both communicate a clear vision and galvanize tangible action around that vision.

Marianne embarked on a quest to master what it means to communicate with impact. How do visionary leaders snap people out of their trance and ignite meaningful change?

What started as a curious research project evolved into an internationally-recognized, award-winning body of research on highly effective communication for leaders. Marianne now imparts this knowledge to leaders who want to become more.

A formula to elevate your influence

Having created one of the world’s most thorough diagnostics for leadership communication, Marianne’s work has revealed a tried and tested formula for communicating with impact. The formula has proven so powerful that she now teaches it to established and emerging leaders through Illumify.

Illuminate. Amplify. Unify. They may seem like three simple words, but as Marianne and the most transformative leaders in the world know – the right words and actions can change everything.

Experience the power of Illumify.