Our Dedicated Team

Marianne Gobeil

Founder & CEO

Marianne Gobeil

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best leaders — some famous, some not (yet). I coached them, counselled them, extricated them from crises with reputations and operations intact, taught them key principles and practices, and cheered them as they expressed their leadership. Authentically. Strategically. Convincingly. And compellingly.

They consistently achieved stellar outcomes that surpassed even their own high expectations.

I’ve won numerous international awards for my expertise on expressing leadership. But it’s not about accolades.

What matters most to me now is that I be of service to those who see what is, know what could be, and are committed to igniting that meaningful change.

If that describes you or leaders you support, I, along with my cadre of extraordinary guides and expert facilitators, would love to help you attain new heights of leadership. So you can be certain to ignite what is most significant to you.

Katherine Pisana


Katherine Pisana

My career has brought me to many areas of higher education and professional development. Business school prepared me for the commercial aspects of education, and graduate school shown a bright light on the impact technology can have on education. The thing is, the status quo in the education sector just wasn’t cutting it for me. It didn’t feel right to tell people what they needed to know, nor to show them how much they were missing. Knowing there is so much more to the process of self development than what is made available to us in the education system, I pooled my wealth of accumulated experience and invested it in a pivot.

Turning away from the standard, the regular, and the norm, I began to explore what study could be if approached from the vantage point of the one who already knows. That’s when I realized: it’s not about learning anymore. The new model of education is all about remembering.

My role at Illumify is to leverage the power of the question to expand one’s awareness of themselves and of their world. The beautiful thing about remembering is that it requires no preparation. There’s nothing to study in advance. There are no wrong answers and there are certainly no losers. There are, however, two prerequisites to entering the process of remembering: a willingness to go there and the courage to face what’s been stopping you until now.

The Illumify Game Changer is an experience in remembering. When you let the questions on the cards guide you, there is nothing stopping you from discovering a path to living a much richer and more meaningful life. A life in which you matter and where what you do makes a difference. An innocent question can do wonders in opening up the world you only dare dream of. Facilitating the Illumify Game Changer is a privilege. The experience illuminates the spirit in humanity, it amplifies the potential we all have to live life to the fullest, and it unifies all of us in knowing that there are great things ahead as long as we’re willing to stand for what we know could be, should be, and most definitely must be.



Louise Poirier Davey

Over the many years of working with both Illumify and its predecessor company, Louise unfailingly meets the highest standards of excellence in serving our clients.

Her extraordinary attention to detail and organizational ability is matched only by her genuine level of care for each and every client. Louise has worked in the corporate world for over 30 years providing executive administrative services, marketing, event management, graphic design and social media. She is also what Marianne affectionately calls “a freaking genius” when it comes to technology. Originally from Sudbury, Canada, Louise now works from the appreciably warmer climes of Mexico.

And an exceptional cadre of certified facilitators and coaches.