Do you know, or sense, there's something that could be, should be, or must be? If so, we have the system that empowers you to ignite it.


Bringing leadership to new heights
to fully realize meaningful change.


Then you are the spark that can light up the world.

The world doesn't define you or constrain you. You can rise above the fray. Transcend above and beyond. Be who you are meant to be.

You may not be able to see it clearly yet. But you believe you have a purpose in being here. And you're willing to realize it.

Because the way something is now doesn't always have to be. It could be, should be, must be better.

you can be more...

you have something of value to contribute...

there's a need for meaningful change...

If you know

If the world doesn't reflect what matters to you, don't settle for what is now. Step up. Speak up. Be heard. Ignite. 

We know that's easier said than done. When you challenge the status quo, the forces that be have a vested interest in preserving what is. They can push back hard.

So we created the fail-proof Illumify® system to empower you. It brings leadership to new heights so you fully realize the opportunity that matters to you. It's founded on our unique, evidence-based, and award-winning body of knowledge on leadership. It transforms you into an "Illumifier®",  the extraordinary caliber of leader here to ignite meaningful change.

This power is yours through our Illumify Game Changer and our Illumifier Program. You gain insight, clarity and certainty on what change is most meaningful to you, and the power to express and ignite it. 

When I first introduced Illumify to the world, it wasn't ready for it. But it is now.

The world is primed for new heights of leadership.

The world as we knew it has changed. Fundamentally. Dramatically. Irrevocably. And in some ways imperceptibly. 

The old way of being is no more. The conditions have changed, and we can no longer coast our way through life based on what we have done so far.

And therein lies great opportunity.

I've spent many years advising others on how to express the leadership that evokes change. I've seen them achieve remarkable things, exceeding everyone's expectations, including their own. 

So I know when the conditions are right for change. And the time is now. Challenge the status quo when the world is in flux.

You have a unique perspective on the world. There's no one quite like you. You are a singular being comprised of a distinct collection of experiences, expertise, insights, beliefs and values.  

What matters most to you is an important clue to who you really are. And even why you're here. You may see, or sense, 
change that others cannot. At least not yet.

Hi, I'm Marianne.

a caring and committed advocate for Those here to ignite meaningful change.

If this isn't how you want to live your life...

You can do many things in this life. But what if you could do what you're really meant to do?

Don't leave it to chance.

The Illumify experience enables you to surface what really matters to you. You'll know it when you see it because you'll recognize that it's unquestionably true for you. It fits you so perfectly that you feel compelled to fulfil it - - no matter what. 



you are the spark that
can light up the world.








game changer



Lynn Roger,
Transformational leader and
chair, Kids Help Phone

"The Illumify experience had a profound impact on me personally and professionally.

It enabled me to realize what matters most to me, and to have the means to realize it.

I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to those who are seeking to make a meaningful impact in the world."

Luaba Kalonji,
Managing partner,
gloriosa Energy Solutions

"I had just left the oil and gas industry, and was stressed and confused about what to do next. The Illumify Game Changer transformed me. I mean that truly, from the bottom of my heart.

It gave me the clarity to create a new company, Gloriosa Energy Solutions. We’re building the first large-scale data centers in the world that are off-the-grid to be highly secure, and fuelled by cleantech energy. It’s never been done before.

The tremendous success we have had already is extraordinary for a start-up.
The fact that we’ve managed to create this amazing ecosystem piece by piece
is thanks to the burst that emerged from Illumify."

Rob Djurfeldt,
Managing Director & Region Head, CIBC Wood Gundy & CIBC Private Wealth Management
at CIBC Wood Gundy

"My Illumify experience with Marianne taught me what matters. The cards are spot on -- questions about what can and must be better. I am now building my career with an organization that lets me do what best serves my clients and advisors.

I have Illumify to thank for the best half of my life to come."


The Illumifier

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