Transformative communication for highly effective leadership.

Diagnostic | Knowledge | Coaching | Strategic Counsel |
The Illumify Game Changer 

Transformative communication for highly effective leadership.

Diagnostic | Knowledge | Coaching | Strategic Counsel | The Illumify Game Changer

Transform yourself,
transform others

Illumify advances a leader’s ability to
articulate a compelling vision and unite
people around it.

Our unique blend of diagnostic, body of knowledge, strategic counsel and Game Changer enable you to engage, align and mobilize those who can help you ignite the change most meaningful to you.

Illuminate • Amplify • Unify

Our robust, evidence-based method of expressing leadership is founded on our internationally recognized research.

We’ve spent years amassing an exceptional body of knowledge on the essentials of effective leadership, inspired by our 3-part formula.

Can you ignite the change you envision?

Our unique and award-winning Illumifier® Diagnostic reveals how effectively a
leader is able to express what matters to them and invoke real action in response.

On average, leaders score a 37% increase in leadership communication
effectiveness after completing Illumify.

World-class strategic counsel

Founder of Illumify, Marianne Gobeil provides expert communication counsel to some of the world’s top leaders. She helps people who want to achieve big things to become more powerful, influential communicators.

Marianne focuses on optimizing the impact and outcomes of a leadership opportunity. She identifies the strategic purpose of a communication, what needs to be expressed to fulfill it, and how it can be applied to leadership opportunities in real time.

Empowering leaders to ignite what matters

There’s a particular sound to leadership. You know it when you hear it because it transforms you and others. And we know how to create it. Reveal the leader you’re meant to be with Illumify and ignite the change most meaningful to you.

High-level leadership development, tailored to you

Illumify is available as a package for executive leaders and can also be experienced in select parts.

Illumify for Executives

Illumify for Executives is delivered one-on-one by founder Marianne Gobeil and applied directly to the communication of your leadership initiatives in real time.

Illumify for Leaders

Illumify for Leaders empowers mid-level leaders to communicate their initiatives effectively to fulfill their true leadership potential.

Illumify Select

Illumify Select is specially designed for individuals who are focused on transforming their leadership impact with maximum flexibility.

Ignite the Courage to Change


Marianne is a keynote speaker who travels the world to share what she’s learned about igniting significant change. In her latest talk, Ignite the Courage to Change, Marianne speaks about the transformative power of letting go and embracing the new.

The Illumify experience had a profound impact on me personally and professionally. It enabled me to realize what matters most to me, and to have the means to realize it.

– Lynn Roger, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Board Chair